Flora of the State of Paraíba, Brazil: Loranthaceae Juss.

Gabriella Carla Leite de Vasconcelos, José Iranildo Miranda de Melo



The family Loranthaceae Juss., characterized by its parasitic habit, is rarely studied in Brazil. Current research provides a taxonomic survey of Loranthaceae in the State of Paraiba, northeastern Brazil, in which ten species belonging to four genera have been recorded: Passovia (one species), Psittacanthus (two species), Pusillanthus (one species) and Struthanthus (six species). Struthanthus concinnus Mart. was found for the first time in the state of Paraíba. A key to the species identification and taxonomic descriptions is presented, with images, geographic distribution and host data.



Brazilian Northeastern region; hemiparasites; Santalales

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